An approximate guide to baton lengths:  

Age 1 - 4 yrs             18 inches
Age 5 - 7 yrs             20 inches
Age 8 - 10 yrs           22 inches
Age 11 - 12 yrs         24 inches
Age 13 - 14 yrs         26 inches
Age 15 plus              28 inches
Measure the length in inches from under the arm to the longest fingertip. If the measurement is to nearest half an inch, then order the size rounded down. e.g.if arm length is 24 1/2" then order a 24" baton.
If you are buying a baton as a surprise present and not able to get a measurement then our approximate guide can help you. If the child is tall for their age then add 1 inch to guide.If child is small for their age then deduct 1 inch
How to measure for a baton
Size Chart
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